The Braille Label Maker for the Visually Impaired

We are supposedly lucky sighted ones as we have the advantage of being able to pick out what we need from shelves in super markets and malls.  But have you stopped to think as to how our visually impaired buddies out there go about it? Wouldn’t it be just great if we could place labels and stickers in Braille on all products?

The Braille Punch sticker is a cute innovative device designed by Kim Joonmin, Kim Seonil and Lee Eunjoo. This is a very refined innovative device, with a sleek package and no cumbersome wheels. It comes with an easy punching mechanism to make things easier for the visually impaired.

Well, what exactly does the Braille Punch Sticker do? As the name suggests, the Braille punch sticker is a cute label maker in white design, especially for the sight impaired. It is very sleekly packaged in an easily manageable form, and more importantly it fits comfortably in the hands, making it easy to hold and also to operate.

The Braille Punch sticker has a punching mechanism that aids in making labeling in Braille very simple. This device produces markers with adhesive backing so that it can easily be attached to any surface. You can also add these Braille stickers to any thing you like.

The designers have kept in mind the needs of the visually impaired while designing this innovative device. The blind cannot easily incept distances and most often, there is very little consideration for these folks when products are designed. The designers of the Braille punch sticker took into account all the aspects necessary while designing a product for the visually impaired.

This Braille punch sticker would be most helpful for all the visually impaired persons out there, enabling them to label their containers and all other things effectively. The punch sticker is very smartly shaped and can be cradled easily in the palm of your hand. It comes in pristine white shades with colored buttons to denote the cutter, a space bar and a cap fitted to it. Just a push on the button and the Braille sticker comes out.

Ms Sarah Jones , a very satisfied and grateful mom opines that her son Tom finds the Braille punch sticker extremely useful and easy to handle , and with the help of this device is able to label all his boxes of puzzles, cans of paint and marbles appropriately. Hats off to the designers of this truly innovative device for taking pains to create this Braille Punch Sticker!

Isn’t it great? In fact if you go through the website you will also find products such as Haptic Reader and Touch & Go that can help make living easy for the visually impaired.