Kinetic iPhone Dock is an Alternative to iPhone Stands

Charge your iPhone with this remarkable dock that easily adjusts to landscape orientation while charging the iPhone battery.The Kinetic iPhone Dock created by Murtaza is quite a fascinating concept. It is basically a stand that charges your iPhone, but allows it to rotate into a landscape orientation. Although this seems to be a minor feature, the adjustment actually sets the Kinetic iPhone dock apart from all its competitors.

Kinetic iPhone Dock by Murtaza

The huge gear at the back rotates when you apply force, which makes turning the iPhone a very smooth process — literally, while watching the video I noticed that the transition was awfully smooth. I do wish that the menu also adjusted to landscape mode, but I guess the logistics of that would be quite difficult to organize. Nonetheless, the gear is what separates the Kinetic iPhone Dock from the rest of the pack, and I actually really like this implementation. The dock will allow you to charge your iPhone while watching a movie in landscape mode, for example.

The wooden finish is an interesting touch, because it gives the Kinetic iPhone Dock a traditional, warm feel. It’s suitable for the name ‘Kinetic’.

Kinetic Kindle Dock

Murtaza has a pretty keen sense of expansion, because he’s starting to create variants of the Kinetic iPhone Dock for the Kindle and the iPad. The iPad actually does have a horizontal landscape orientation on the menu, so that will work out nicely. Similarly, the Kindle also allows for horizontal viewing of pdfs and books, which can offer a more comfortable viewing experience for those of us who are used to bigger text (myself included). The only thing is with the Kindle, it’s not a touch-screen enabled device so the keyboard will have to be quite accessible. From what the computer-generated graphic shows, it seems to be open enough to interact with.

Kinetic iPhone Dock

The dock can sit not only on flat surfaces, but also has a hole that can be mounted onto a power adaptor when plugged in. This allows for a makeshift stand to be set up even in a table-less environment.The Kinetic iPhone Dock seems like a pretty great idea, and at $45 does come a bit hefty. If you value the convenience though, you should head over to Kickstarter to have a look at Murtaza’s work.

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Via: Kickstarter