CMYK Chandelier is Illuminating

From when we are small children, we are taught to abide by the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. This colourful chandelier observes the waste hierarchy, as it is made from old CMYK printer cartridges that have been upcycled into a new work of art.

Ink Chandelier 1

The CMYK chandelier is definitely a neat way to pay homage to printed colour, as it uses all the ink cartridge colours – cyan, yellow, magenta, black, light magenta, light cyan, and two grays. Though the chandelier is obviously a recycled product, it manages to avoid the kitschy look of most upcycled devices by using a very polished and clean design and construction. The chandelier is hung on a thick chain and the cartridges are held up by an aluminum bar that suits the modern look of the piece.

Ink Chandelier 2

I think it’s funny that CMYK cartridges have been turned into a light fixture, because these colours actually combine to make black; it’s only in the RGB colour model that the three primary colours add together to make white light. RGB isn’t used for printing though – it’s used for combining light, like on a TV screen – so it would be impractical to implement.

Ink Chandelier 3

These chandeliers are custom-made in limited quantities, and at $120, they’re not exactly a budget item. However, they’re perfect for painters, printers, photographers and any sort of designers whose livelihoods practically depend on these basic colours. Since the colours are so simple, they’re also perfectly suited for just about any modern interior colour scheme, though they definitely wouldn’t suit a rustic-styled house.

Ink Chandelier 4

If you’re on the hunt for other light-emitting home fixtures, this designer pillow that emits a soft diffused glow might just be the perfect find. A more decorative device is the colour-changing crystal Tokyo Sky Tree replica that would look great on a bedside cabinet or in a Japan-themed curio cabinet. For light bulbs that you can take anywhere, be sure to check out the Vaka portable light bulbs.

Via: Inhabitat