Breaking Bad NES Cartridge – Nothing Stops This Game

72Pins and artist Drew Wise come together for one dangerously cool NES cart version of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad NES cartridge by Drew Wise 72pins image 1

As you might of heard, this past Sunday was the series finale for Breaking Bad. You know, that TV show that causes people on Twitter to shout profanities in response to its dramatic twists? Yup, after five years its grip on North American audiences is now over, but its creative devotion by its loyal watchers has just begun.

To celebrate the show’s farewell into the Albuquerque, New Mexico sun, most likely driving away in a broken-down Winnebago, 72Pins, whose specialty is crafting fan-made NES cartridges that honor some of today’s nerdy favs, and excellent pixel artist Drew Wise, both came up with their own Breaking Bad NES cartridge that’s currently up for pre-order.

What the cartridge plays though, and it does actually play if you insert it into a NES, is anyone’s guess. Sadly, there is no videogame adaptation for Breaking Bad, probably now or never in the works, although one could say that Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V might be a close approximation – not that I would say that, nope, not walking into that hornet’s nest. Nope.

Breaking Bad NES cartridge by Drew Wise 72pins image 2

Like all their other previous carts, 72Pins used a random NES cart for Drew’s canvas of what a  Breaking Bad 8-bit videogame cover might look like. I’d say it’s a spot on rendition. Heck, Walter White’s scowl never looked more menacing. It actually makes me tense with fear, which is exactly what I feel when watching the show – so way to go, Drew!

I seriously do wonder what real Breaking Bad videogame would be about. With a name like Bad Breaker!, well, it sort of sounds like a puzzle game… and if you really think about it, making a perfect batch of meth is kind of like a puzzle game. A puzzle game that could blow you to pieces if you mix the wrong chemicals, but a puzzle game none the less.

As I mentioned before, you can pre-order one of these Breaking Bad NES carts right now through 72Pins. They go for $15.00(USD), and I probably wouldn’t wait on clicking that purchase button for too long. These seem like they can disappear off the shelves quite fast, much like the life expectancy for a terminal-cancer patient cooking up illegal drugs.

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