Google Fiber Launches Bizarre Ad Campaign in Utah

Google Fiber, the Internet providing service, goes live in Provo, Utah soon and so a humorous ad campaign’s been launched to elicit some laughs from residents.

Google Fiber image

The world of technology can be a big, bad and often quite scary place. Not everyone knows their bits from their bytes, their wireless router from their network adapter or even what on Earth a ‘fibre optic connection’ is. Lucky then, that when it comes to the comparisons between the slow as a snail connections of broadband Internet next to the fast as Usain Bolt like domination of fibre optic Internet, the difference can be explained in terms of blazing, white hot speed. Google themselves are using this to their advantage with an utterly bizarre new video ad to explain their Google Fiber Internet service to the citizens of Provo, Utah, where the technology is headed next.

Currently, the national average of download speed for the USA is a measly 7.4 Mbps (as of April 2013), which puts the country at 9th fastest in the world, still lagging behind places like Sweden (which has overtaken the US in the rankings since last year), Latvia and Hong Kong, where in the latter of which you can get 500 Mbps of speed for just $25. It makes sense then for Google Fiber to be released in the US first then, to bring undoubtedly zippier download and upload speeds via fibre optic connection. It’s being rolled out slowly across several states, Kansas City, Kansas, for one has already gotten access, with the latest location being in Provo, Utah, where this video is being used to increase interest as well as to provide laughs.

The man in the underpants, it seems, represents broadband with Google Fiber provided some serious water power with their hoses, to represent the superiority of their speed. While a little bit of a detour for an ad campaign, it’s Google’s way of getting eyeballs and earlobes to pay attention and as Google Fiber offers ‘Gigabit’ – a download speed of up to 1000 Mps – which is over 100 times the national average, it’s fairly accurate too. Provo, Utah will have the option to sign up at some point this month, to increase the 21.5Mbps they’re offered with normal broadband, but services and prices are explained here on the Google Fiber website.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: TechCrunch

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