Bridgestone’s AeroBee E-Paper Tablets Debut, Saves Trees

Tire extraordinaire Bridgestone (yes, that Bridgestone) unveiled its two new Electronic Paper display tablet prototypes Sunday, featuring their very responsive AeroBee technology.

Aerobee A4 Tablet

The A3 and A4 AeroBee E-Paper tablets are quite hefty on hardware and screen size, with the A4 at 13.1 inches including over 4,000 colors, 4Gb of memory, a Linux OS and 533MHz processor. The Kindle-like E-Paper (rather, the very same) make these tablets for easy reading, and its AeroBee technology gives it a quick 1.3 second page refresh rate making it also a great drawing tool. Lest us not forget it even has an SD card reader, USB port, Bluetooth and WLAN capabilities. Oh, we did for get something else. There’s a sound jack and internal microphone too.

AeroBee and Stylus

AeroBee SD Card and USB

While we’ve seen E-Paper tablets before, not many have had such large screen real estate to play around with and this kind of stylus response. For a great demonstration on the Bridgestone E-Paper tablets, check out Diginfonews’ video below:

The A4 is 13mm thick and 1.61 pounds, which is pretty good considering its giant screen. What really makes these tablets stand apart is it’s focus on drawing and writing. We can imagine this would be a very valuable tool for businesses and schools considering its ease of filling out paperwork in a jiff or completing surveys, exams, and the like with these tablets, all the while saving forest with “The Lorax”. Plus, being it’s E-Paper, battery life is likely damn amazing (Kindle has over a month of standby).

Flat and Thin

For more on E-Paper technology, check out NoteSlate.

Via: CrunchGear and DiginfoTV