Gice and Moon: The Exquisite Lamp and Chair Duo

Pieces of art that can easily be incorporated into our lifestyles are not to be found very often. And when it comes in the form of a package there could be nothing better, for example the Gice Lamp and Moon Chair. This lamp and chair set has been designed such that both complement each other.

Displayed at The Dutch Standard are the spherical lamp and spherical chair. The design is quite a contrast from the usual cuboids that rule the market. These wooden spheres have everything in them to attract everyone’s attention it keep it fixed on them. These are smart, sophisticated, stylish and very elegant. You could hardly ask for more.

Gice, the lamp, is a culmination of 20 identical parts. This spherical structure is made of Macassar Ebony, one of the hardest of woods. The crystal clear lacquer finish adds on to the beauty of the wood. The orb possesses a radiating light source which is dimmable and is RGB and DMX controlled. With a diameter of 120cms and 48 kg weight, this structure is something to be possessed and displayed.

Complementing the Gice is the Moon, a similar looking chair but with a cut to form the seat. This too is made of Macassor Ebony and has the same lacquer finish.

Spherical lamps are not uncommon but to talk of a spherical chair is a bit of an exceptional case. And exceptions do get their bit of attention. Out here the exception is not only the thing that draws your attention but the entire piece of work is not to be missed. Being seated inside this huge sphere hollow gives you the sheer pleasure of receiving a huge bear hug. No wonder the creator has quoted it as the love seat. It is cozy, comfortable, spacious and yet a designer piece. What is more appealing is the fact that it can be customized as per your preference. You can have your choice of upholstery, style and leather color. The base of the Moon can be in noble metal finishes of nickel, gold and palladium. The size of the Moon is 120 cm across and 116 cm high.

The Gice and Moon are two brilliant representations of how a simple sphere can be transformed into a piece of beauty. The spherical designs carry with them elegance and a feeling of warmth that is missing from the cuboid designs. The mere sight of them must have left you with a desire to own them. Waste no time and order one for yourself at the earliest!

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Via: Not Cot