Briefcase BBQ is the ultimate portable BBQ set

When it comes to proper BBQs, having the right gear matters as much as having the right meat, and this set solves half the problem forever.


What you see in these pictures is a briefcase that unlike every other briefcase in the world, isn’t meant to carry papers. This is actually a grill that is BBQ ready from the get-go. The Briefcase BBQ houses your grill until it’s time to cook, and by just opening it exposes it in all its 12 1/2? (H) x 8 3/4? (W) x 2 3/4? (D) glory. It weighs some 4 lbs, not counting the charcoal you’ll need to make the magic happen.


This grill can be bought for $97 USD at The Green Head. It’s not even that pricey when compared to other BBQ models, and if the ability to carry an incognito grill is something that matters to you, well, there’s just nothing quite like it.


Via: Technabob

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