Bruno Smart Trash Can Vacuums So You Don’t Have To

We spend far too much time doing dishes and sweeping around, so if we can employ dishwasher machines and smart trash cans to do our job, we get to have more time for ourselves and our dear ones.

Poubelle LLC, the Tulsa, OK-based company that created Bruno, envisions a future where we no longer bend to pick up whatever crumbles we might have dropped. Furthermore, after getting one of these smart trash cans, you can even do away with dustpans, and dirty floors will become a thing of the past, as they can also vacuum for you.

Here’s how the makers of Bruno described this smart trash can on Kickstarter:

“Bruno and its patents pending technologies have been many months in the making. From developing the uncomplicated, graceful profile to its app connected reminders and efficient, quiet vacuum system, Bruno has been designed with the highest grade components to be the best and last trash can you will ever buy.

The powerful vortex vacuum feature will deliver every dog hair, cheerio and grain of dirt directly into the trash bag. No more stopping, no more scooping, just place the broom in front of the vacuum inlet to start the suction and Bruno will do the rest. Bruno will also remind you to take the trash out on trash day, and alert you when you are low on Bruno Bags. How smart is that ? (Bruno will also accept standard kitchen trash bags).”

As mentioned in their description, Bruno has a companion app, which is available both for Android and iPhone. Upon connecting the smart can to the smartphone, users will start receiving alerts whenever the custom fitted Bruno bags are running out, or when trash day comes. With this device, we’re definitely getting closer to living in automated homes where robots can take care of all the house chores.

Currently featured on that crowdfunding platform, Bruno needs $50,000 to become a reality. Backers can secure one for themselves by pledging $139 (as an early-early bird) or more, and assuming that the campaign will be a success, they should receive one in October 2015. The smart trash can is available in arctic white, slate gray, harbor blue, urban red and stainless steel, but for the last one you will have to add $50 to the order.

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