Mlais MX Packs a Monstrous 4800mAh Battery

Not all of us are that interested in extreme performance, and some would definitely sacrifice a bit of that for some extra battery life. Mlais MX complements the mid-range 64-bit chipset with a Quick Charge-enabled 4,800mAh battery.

More and more Chinese smartphone makers are including in their portfolio devices with huge battery capacities, and it’s great to see that they acknowledge this demand. Mlais is among the latest to offer a phone whose battery will last for days, and even though MX’s capacity of 4800mAh is not the largest out there, it is still a lot more than what others have to offer.

At 9.9mm in thickness (the other dimensions being 145.8 x 71.5), Mlais MX won’t win any slimness contests, but that’s yet another aspect that gets sacrificed when including a high-capacity battery. That’s not to say that the phablet doesn’t look good. On the contrary, Mlais designed it to have round corners, a metallic frame and some lines that attract through their simplicity.

As mentioned before, Mlais MX isn’t exactly powered by the best-performing 64-bit chipset out there. However, Mediatek’s MT6735 (which puts together a quad-core CPU running at 1.3Ghz and the Mali T760GPU) is famous for featuring World Mode 4G, meaning that it will work without any problems in the US. For multitasking enthusiasts, Mlais included 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM (plus up to 64GB more via a microSD card, should you need more storage). The CPU’s lower frequency, compared to the one in the MT6752 translates into a longer battery life. The device runs Android 5.0 Lollipop, which really goes hand-in-hand with the 64-bit processor.

Another aspect that influences the battery life is the display, and the 5″ IPS display with HD resolution surely represents an energy-efficient solution. I’m glad that Mlais has decided to create smaller devices, as the M4, M52 and M7 all have 5.5″ HD displays. A smaller diagonal also means that the pixel density is higher.

For the cameras, Mlais chose the same sensors that can be seen in its 64-bit phablets: a 13MP Sony IMX214 for the rear and a 5MP Omnivision for the front. As long as the software for the sensor will be properly optimized, there’s nothing to criticize here.

In terms of connectivity, besides World Mode 4G, Mlais MX also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS/Glonass/A-GPS.

The price and launch date of the Mlais MX have yet to be made public by the manufacturer, but knowing how tight of a schedule this company has, we shouldn’t have to wait that long. For the sake of variety, Mlais will offer the MX in black, white, and marine green, and each and everyone of them looks great in the above promotional images.

UPDATE: Mlais announced on May 7 that the MX is available on pre-sale for $139.99 at the 11 resellers it has partnered up with. The pre-sale will end on May 31, and after that date, the device is supposed to have a MSRP of $149.99.

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