Amazing BuckyBalls Electric Motor

There is nothing cooler than BuckyBalls darts that you can use to decorate your refrigerator. These magnetic balls are so powerful that they can be held together in any pattern that you choose.

YouTube user graybum is a proponent for using BuckyBalls in various situations and this time around he has created an electric motor made from these magnetic balls. All that he used were BuckyBalls, a wire and a battery. If you touch the wire near the side of the magnet, you end up completing a circuit.

Magically, electricity flows from the battery and makes the motor move. If you took a look at the video, you will be wowed by the simplicity of the exercise. It could probably used in high school science classes to explain concepts of electricity, physics and magnetism, all of which students dislike.

Teachers and instructors may find innovative uses of BuckyBalls to be great educational aids. You could also go ahead and take a look at the BuckyBalls Building Spheres, which we had written about some time ago. I would say, it is one of the coolest ways to teach and learn how electric fields work and how a motor can be run without worrying about spending huge loads of money on expensive instructional and teaching aids.