Miniature N64 Controller Is Handy

When the Nintendo 64 was released way back in 1996, it almost created a storm in the video gaming community. It was probably the most technologically advanced console back in the 90s and was hugely popular.

However, its bulky controller was a pain to say the least. A geek has now created a new version of the N64 controller. The revamped Miniature N64 Controller is built around a PIC microcontroller and if you choose to play games with this one, you sure will want to go back to the 90s again. You will notice that the yellow C buttons are no longer there.

There is also a cool new four way switch which sits right above the A & B buttons in blue and green. The L button is gone and the R & Z buttons have been placed at the back. It may not be the most comfortable way to play on the N64 but certainly reduces the size of the original controller, which was way too bulky.

Nonetheless, it is an amazing feat to recreate one of the most loved controllers from the 90s. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Portable N64 System, which we had featured sometime ago. The Repurposed N64 Cartridges may interest you as well, if you are really into this console.