Enjoy a Tension Free Snack Time with Ehl-i Keyf

Make life easy and be merry with the new Ehl-i Keyf, a tray design that promises to keep your food and drink as you want it to be. Whether you want your coffee to be hot to the last sip or your cola to be chilled your wish is sure to be granted. Thanks to the new tray concept designed by Göktürk Topuz.

This Turkish designer has come up with a brand new concept of adding flavor to your snack times. Imagine yourself carrying a plate of your favorite snack and a glass of drink in another and suddenly your phone starts ringing. Doesn’t it sound a bit too uncomfortable? While you look for a place to rest your plate and cup, you are most likely to miss the call.

With the Ehl-i Keyf, the scene changes completely. There is one single unit that has room for placing snacks and a cup holder. This cup holder keeps the drink secure in one place. There is no room for the tumbler to tip over. It is your choice, whether you wish to carry it with one hand or both. One hand is always free for other emergency work. What’s more? If you are pretty slow at having your drink you need not worry of its temperature changing. If it is a hot drink, it stays hot and if it is cold, it stays cold. You can have it as you wish to at your leisure. Your snacks are also there along with your beverage. A perfect snack time is guaranteed.

The Ehl–i Keyf is one of the many user friendly concepts designed by Topuz. A glance through his designs gives an insight into the mind of the designer. Most of the concepts carry with them the usability factor which aims at making life easier in various ways. For example, the Hybrid Wheelchair will prove to be a boon for the disabled. The Hole is a tray design that prevents tipping over of glasses while serving due to indents. These may be minor issues in life but carry their own importance in particular situations.

The Ehl-i Keyf may also sound a very insignificant piece of design when compared to what larger branded companies come up with. But when considered from an individual’s point of view it has its own usability and is sure to attract a good number of takers.

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