Bizarre: Man Burns iPhone 5 in Microwave Oven

Here is an almost surreal story about a man who burned his brand new iPhone 5, just to grab news headlines. He certainly got all the attention that he ever wanted, though much of it has been negative.

The burly man removes the iPhone 5 and keeps it in a microwave oven and films it burn and explode into flame. Then he splashes it with water and gingerly removes it from the oven and presses it back inside the iPhone 5 box and charges $3001 if anybody is crazy enough to purchase the mess.

He also warns often that the ‘experiment’ must not be performed at home, like people have all the money in the world to purchase iPhones and burn them in their microwave ovens.

On second thoughts, I think there certainly maybe loonies out there who might want to burn iPhone 5s just to prove that they are worthless when compared with Samsung phones. Some people have also doubted if the weird man was trying to make a point by burning an American product, and that thought does strike a note when u watch the phone go up in flames.

That infamous YouTube video which resulted in much misery the last few weeks is still fresh in most of our minds, it remains open for speculation why he decided to film the disturbing video and upload it at a time like this.

Meanwhile, Samsung fans seem to be celebrating the fact that an iPhone 5 was burned and have elevated the man to the status of a hero. A Reddit user reacted by saying “This guy distresses every bone in my body. Embodies everything that’s wrong with the world right now.” I think that reaction is shared by many people when they watch the video.

If you are like me, and choose to safeguard iPhones rather than burning them in microwave ovens, take a look at the Best iPhone 5 Cases that we recently featured. On the other hand, if you think this guy is a hero and that it was a great way of letting iPhone users and Apple employees know that there is a lot of resentment against iPhones, do express your emotions in the comments section below.