Myspace Gets A New Look

Although Myspace was one of the earliest popular social networking sites, as other services like Twitter and Facebook came onto the scene, it became a joke, trying to play catch-up instead of being the leader. Myspace has unveiled a cool new design that offers a major rethinking of the venerable social networking site.

Myspace released a video showing off its new design.

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

The design looks like a cross between Pinterest and Tumblr. It plays to its strengths, showing photos of the mischief you and your friends get into and music. We see in the video someone browsing the profile of Justin Timberlake. It also shows a music player that’s visible at the bottom as you surf. Spotify has announced that it’s working on a browser-based version of its cloud-based music player and it looks like Myspace is entering similar territory.

It looks like Myspace might try to peel off users of Facebook, Spotify, Pinterest and Tumblr by offering the best features of each. But will Myspace be able to regain its title of social networking king? Even as cool as the new design is, only time will tell.

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