Buzz Lightyear Crosses Over with War Machine

Powered armor is one of those things that is just inherently awesome, and this Toy Story/War Machine hybrid action figure manages to make it twice as cool. Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story appeals to the kid in many of us and, like the other toys in the franchise, makes us remember the days when our imaginations ran wild and our toys really were almost alive. Iron Man, on the other hand, is one that we’re allowed to find cool without all the nostalgic baggage. At first, it sounds crazy to compare the two, but when you begin to think about it, the similarities are startling. We never see Buzz out of his armor, so it’s easy to assume he’s a robot or cyborg. While the toy is limited in its capabilities, the “real” Buzz Lightyear can apparently use a communicator, shoot lasers, fly, and activate a variety of gadgets inside the suit. Iron Man has his own communicator in the suit, fires repulsor rays, flies, and often has some extra gadgets as well. The War Machine armor is much the same, only with considerably more firepower.

Buzz Lightyear War Machine Figure

Buzz Lightyear War Machine Crossover Toy

Combining the powerful War Machine with the toy Buzz Lightyear from the movies sounds like a strange idea, and maybe it is, but it works remarkably well. It ditches the cartoony proportions of Buzz and sticks with War Machine’s figure as a base, but it’s the paint job that really makes it shine. Gone is the black and grey color scheme of War Machine, replaced with Buzz’s white, green, and purple. The detail of the painting is astonishing, and you can see how well the artist matched most of Buzz’s design elements to pieces of War Machine’s armor. Even the shoulder-chest pieces carry over some red, blue, and green to match the big, shiny buttons on the front of Buzz Lightyear’s suit. If you find this hybrid awesome, make sure to also check out the Steampunk Iron Man Figure and these Wild West Star Wars Figures.

Via: ComicsAlliance