Steampunk Iron Man Figurine

Tony Stark and his creation, the Iron Man suit, are nothing new in the world of action figures and Marvel characters.  However, Pack Rat Studios has taken these well known figures and reformed them in the world of Steampunk.

This custom made Iron Man suit was created by Pack Rat Studios, a studio that develops, builds, and paints custom action figures.  First we’ll focus on the suit.  The suit, sticking to the Steampunk style, runs off of steam power that is fueled by a combustion chamber located in the chest.

It has an impressive 37 locations of articulation.  These locations include ball joint shoulders, biceps that can swivel, knee joints, joints in the ankles, swivel and cross hinge hips, ball jointed waist, and a ball jointed head.  What might be even more impressive is the size of the suit standing at 12 inches high.  And if that weren’t enough, the suit also has a flickering light feature in the chest cavity with a switch in the rear hatch that opens up.

The suits creator, Tony, is not lacking in features either.  He comes with a custom made hammer, goggles, and tool belt.

The goggles he wears on his head can be removed and the hammer can be tucked into his belt.  Tony stands just four inches tall making for a large contrast in size between him and the suit.  Each of the figures have had a large amount of detail put into them.

Both have been painted with model masters acrylic paints.  Each has had a number of washes, rubs and a lot of detail.  Although these action figures would be awesome to play with, Pack Rat Studios has specifically stated that it would not be a wise idea and that the figures have been made for adult collectors.

Overall, whether you are able to play with them or not, they have done an amazing job with color, style, and a countless number of other details transforming a truly classic action figure into a more impressive piece of art.

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Via: Pack Rat Studios