Paintball Art Machine with 840 Barrels

Always wanted to be an artist but didn’t want to bother with that whole painting thing? Why not build a giant paintball machine and just shoot your artwork onto the wall?

That’s what Volt¬† did when they wanted to promote their energy drink. They built a massive paintball gun with 840 barrels and loaded it onto a truck. In a video, they drive up to a wall and count down. The massive gun shoots all 840 paintballs that have been painstakingly arranged to form a picture. The painballs smash against the wall, revealing a cartoon character plummeting to the ground. (It bears an uncanny resemblance to someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea.) The blast is so powerful it sets off car alarms.

Paintball 1

Paintball 2

Paintball 3

Paintball 4

It’s worth pointing out that Adam and Jamie, the Mythbusters, did the same thing with the Mona Lisa a few years back. And the video’s in slow motion, which proves how awesome those guys are.

The 18 Greatest Mona Lisa Remakes includes the Mythbusters’ paintball Mona Lisa. Another cool use for paint is the Spray Paint Can Lamp Design.

Via: This Is Colossal