Captain America Cake Makes Patriotism Tasty

Geeky cakes are no new phenomenon, but the Internet has made it easy for designers to share images of their work with others instead of the final product being seen only by the recipient. This Captain America cake is a perfect example of a well-done geeky cake, capturing the patriotic Avenger in all his glory while also making him look, well, delicious.

It’s almost fitting how expertly done this cake is, as one could say it was crafted with almost military precision. The fondant making up his blue uniform is smooth and perfect, without any odd lumps. The other little bits such as the wings and the “A” on his helmet, and the star on his chest, are also perfect and symmetrical. The bottom layer is iced flawlessly with butter-cream and decorated with red strips of fondant to represent the red and white stripes of the American flag. Even a small re-creation of Cap’s shield has been added to the design; again, it’s remarkable just how beautiful the concentric circles are and how the star is centered.

Captain America Mighty Muggs Cake

Captain America looks different from his comic book form, and artist Chocolate Moose says she based it off a Mighty Muggs design. We’ve covered the stylized toys before, so check out some cool examples like these Star Wars Mighty Muggs and these G.I. Joe Muggs. The more cartoony look serves to make the bright smoothness of the fondant more fitting, and allowing the cake to take on a simpler (and more effective) design rather than end up crammed with things like detailed facial expressions or clothing texture.

Any fan of Captian America and the Avengers should be proud to receive a cake as awesome as this, and I’d wager that even hardcore DC Comics fans would be hard-pressed to say anything bad about this creation. Then again, badmouthing Captain America to his face is rarely a good idea anyway.