Repurposed Mini Becomes the Ultimate Chair

If you enjoy cars and video games, then this ultimate gaming chair created from the front end of a Mini is what you’ve been waiting for. A true multimedia center, there’s little else that can compete with a modification of this scale. Flip up the hood and you have access to your new lounge chair, which retains the ‘car seat’ design. With a racing wheel and pedals included, this also makes the chair perfect for playing racing games like Gran Turismo. Personally, I can’t think of anything else that offers that much immersion into a game like that. There’s even a sort of force-feedback vibration pad that designer David Gawthorpe calls the Butt Kicker, making both video games and movies more immersive for the lucky viewer that gets to sit in this chair.

Mini Gaming Chair

Mini Gaming Chair 2

Mini Gaming Chair 3

If that’s somehow not exciting enough for you, there’s also an iPod dock and 500-watt amp for enjoying music, as well as headphones for when others don’t wish to enjoy your music. Feeling particularly indulgent? Well, this entertainment hub also comes with a strobe light and smoke machine which I imagine is not only good for listening to music, but also to provide some extra ambiance if you’re hosting a Rock Band party. In the back is a small fridge so you can even enjoy a frosty drink without having to get up.

Not only do you get the novelty of the front end of a Mini, but you get a fully functional and tricked-out gaming chair, home theater chair, stereo system, and work station. Be thankful the designer didn’t include a working toilet or you might never have a reason to leave the chair again. However, at a price of £8,000 (~$12,915 at time of writing) you’ll have to get up off your butt in order to afford it. If you’d like to check out some more awesome chairs, you’ll probably like the Pacman Game Chair or this Repurposed Oven Chair.

Via: BornRich/Metro/AutoMotto