Totally Cool Tetris Interactive Wall Decals

We have all enjoyed playing Tetris, not only as kids but also as grown ups. The excitement it brings along is immense and always a pleasure to see a complete line formation. Be it a small handheld screen or a large TV screen, the charm of tetris remains the same.

But now it is time to play the game on an even larger scale. Your screen will be your wall and you will be the dictator of the game. Thanks to Walls 360, a brand new interactive wall graphic has been designed on the lines of the Tetris. The pieces are available in 4 and 12 inch sizes. The Tetrimino shapes come in various colors which will adorn your wall as per your wishes.

Tetris is a fun game that keeps you on your toes all along. It keeps your senses and reflexes alert at all times. Would it not be a good idea to get these wall graphics for your work area or even your home? One round of the game and you are completely refreshed.

Since you will be monitoring the pieces you might not find the same thrill as the animated version but can always play around with the pieces. It may not be necessary to always form complete lines. On the contrary you can create new designs using the Tetrimino shapes. Or you could even make this a group play for your team mates. There is no end to innovations and ideas. It was a human like us who created this game and we, fellow humans, can always bring in our own tweaks as per the requirements. The idea is to keep up with the spirit of fun and liveliness.

These wall graphics come in vibrant colors and guarantee to enhance the looks of any wall. Using them is as simple as pasting – peeling – pasting. The pasting power does not go away so easily allowing to peel and paste almost over a 1000 times. And every time you stick it back, be it the same place or a new one, it sticks absolutely like new.

The Tetris Interactive Wall Graphics is part of the many other similar wall graphics created by Yiying Lu of Walls 360, who happens to be the creative director of the company. Her wall graphics are simple yet give an elegant and creative edge to every wall they adorn. They are, probably, the best way to liven up a plain looking wall, and in the process enliven ones spirits.

Were you a gaming geek as a child? If yes I am sure you will be eager to get one for yourself. In fact, if that be the scene, why don’t you also check out Tetris Themed Treats and Tetris Designs Implemented IRL?