PS2 Handheld Mod Makes the Greatest Console Portable

The Playstation 2 is, to me, probably the greatest video game console to date, and while the PSP in a way allows it to live on, there are many games missing. This amazing handheld PS2 mod, however, will let you enjoy all your favorites on the go!

The Playstation 2 was when modern gaming really seemed to mature, especially the graphics. The clunky days of PSX and N64 graphics were gone, bringing much smoother and more realistic looking graphics. The console also had an amazing number of exclusives, setting it apart from the Xbox and the GameCube, although both were still very successful as well. The Playstation Portable lets us enjoy PS2-quality games in a slick, handheld format, and even includes quite a few ports of popular games like Persona 3. But what about all the other PS2 favorites that we’d like to enjoy outside of the entertainment center? This amazing mod by techknott crunches down the PS2 into an awesome handheld console with an appealing design.

Handheld Playstation 2

Handheld Playstation 2 Rear

Handheld Playstation 2 Open

The only main flaw I see is the size, but no matter how much you slim down the tech, it still has to be able to read a CD or DVD. So while it may be a bit clunkier than your PSP, this is roughly as good as it’s going to get if your plan is to use your original PS2 discs. That’s not to knock the design, though, as it looks great with its dual analogs, and the trigger buttons located on the back. The triggers are in a different position than they are on a DualShock controller, but I imagine this is much more comfortable given its size.

This handheld even has integrated speakers, as well as a headphone jack for those times when you don’t want to annoy others with something like, say, the bad voice acting of Chaos Wars. Unfortunately, this was just a custom mod, so while this proves it can be done, don’t expect to see these in stores anytime soon. For more handheld awesomeness, make sure to check out the Portable Nintendo 64 and this ridiculously amazing Playstation 3 Handheld.

Via: Electronista