Veho 400x USB Microscope [CES 2011]

USB Microscopes have become quite necessary these days, due to all the scientific project work that kids have to present in their classes as coursework.

Moreover, computer technicians, collectors of various things like coins, stamps and even antique jewellery may need handy microscopes that connect to the computer for various reasons. Veho has unveiled a 400x USB Microscope, which as the name suggests magnifies everything 400 times. It also comes with a 2 megapixel Cmos lens and it is interpolated as well.

The alloy flexi-stand makes sure that the microscopic lens is held at the correct angle. The USB desktop microscope could be used by researchers, school and college students, computer technicians, printing inspectors, medical analysts and others. Thanks to the microscope’s built-in web cam, you could even engage yourself in online video chat after connecting it to the computer.

The microscope comes with snapshot and video capture software, which makes discussing the object under microscopic study easier. The device does not need special installations or configurations and you would just need to install the drivers once which is very simple, and then you would have to plug the device to your computer and you are done.

The package comes with the actual microscope, a user’s manual, and a Software CD that has the measurement functionality. The USB Microscope may seem rudimentary, but you could even adjust the brightness, hue, saturation and sharpness which makes it quite an intriguing product. Apart from colour display mode, the product also features a black and white ode which is preferred by many people.

The 400x USB Microscope by Veho was announced at the CES 2010, and costs $99.99. There is also a 200x USB Microscope by the same company, if you choose a lower version. You could also take a look at the other USB Microscope we had featured many months ago. The Wweb-enabled Microscope is a pretty advanced device too.