Toss Your Wallet and Use CardNinja

If you are like me, you hate carrying a purse/wallet while you’re out. Having to look after it, making sure it’s safe and of course trying not to lose it sucks. The problem is that although  I don’t like to carry a purse while I’m out, I don’t really have a choice since I do need to carry money/id card and such. If you feel the same way I think that you are going to love this next product.

cardninja 3

When it comes to smartphone cases/accessories, the sky is the limit. You have a wide selections of shape, function and size to choose from. Some are just to make your smartphone more safe and secure, others are to make it more pretty and stylish and some cases/accessories provide an extra value/function. The CardNinja  is one of those accessories that truly provide an added value by allowing you to carry your valuables (cash and cards) in a simple yet smart way.

cardninja 4

The CardNinja attached easily like a sticker, so it’s 100% removable when necessary. It can hold  your valuables securely, items will not fall out (even if you flip it over) and it’s flexible enough to hold one card or many and, of course, cash as well. The CardNinja is compatible with most of the smartphone cases available today, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Its’ ultra-slim design and universal fit  makes it a perfect gift for gadget lovers. The CarbNinja is available in 3 different colors as seen in the pictures above and retails for $19.95.