Downton Abbey for the SNES by Bill Kiley

Experience the aristocratic drama of the popular British show Downton Abbey in 16-bits.

Downton Abbey Super Nintendo box image

Despite my avid love for British television (Doctor Who, Monty Python, and Top Gear to name a few BBC favorites), Downton Abbey is just one of those shows that are as appealing to me as a fish slap to the face. Victorian-era soaps about snooty rich folks sadly don’t speak “must watch” for my tastes, but strangely enough toss in the words Super Nintendo and I’m so there.

Chiptunes artist Bill Kiley has crafted – quite positively – the only way I might give Downton Abbey a chance (if it where real) with a fake SNES port of the BBC series complete with 16-bit styled graphics and a proper chiptunes soundtrack to match.

The Downtown Abbey game, which advertises “Tastefully Exciting One Player Action!” on the box, is your basic point-and-click adventure game. One based on the adventuring-classic likes of the horror-driven Clock Tower, and for good reason seeing how a portion of that game (along with Home Alone 2) went into the visual departments here.

If you look closely at the video below you might just catch a few familiarities… that’s if you’re not blindsided by the quaint charms of this particular imaginary game.

Dig that fancy chiptunes backtracking, which can be yours fora  name-your-own price over at Bill Kiley’s Bandcamp page. Please good chaps, go forth and make the pilgrimage to Sir Williams manor; I promise you it shall meet your fancies along with the prompt nerd-ery found here at such as Star Wars episode VII news and the 12 coolest Star Trek tattoos.