Casulo Stuffs a Whole Room into a Portable Box

In a struggling economy, many have had to downsize to smaller homes and apartments, so how about consolidating a whole room into a box? It would certainly be convenient to shrink a room down into one small package, leaving plenty of open space when you need the room for some other purpose. Designed by Sebastian Mühlhäuser and Marcel Krings, Casulo is a concept focused on this very issue. The product itself is still in prototype stage, but they hope to perfect what they have and get it put into production for others to experience.

The bright yellow box itself is eye-catching, but it’s the contents which are truly amazing. The box itself folds out into a small wardrobe in which you can hang clothing and smaller drawers for underwear and socks. There’s also a desk with drawers, perfect as a quick work station for your laptop computer. The desk chair is backless, but it is height-adjustable and swivels around. For other seating, there are two small, boxy stools on which one can sit. A surprisingly tall set of shelves is included too, giving a great amount of storage in a small amount of space. The most remarkable thing, however, would have to be the bed and mattress that are packed into this box. I can’t vouch for its comfort, and I would assume there isn’t much, but a makeshift cot definitely beats sleeping on the floor.

With a concept like this, any small room can be turned into a functional living space, one which can be folded back up into the box and transported in most small vehicles. The final product is estimated to weigh 150kg, so you’ll likely want a dolly to lug it around, and you can tell it’s quite compact since that weight is confined to a 4′ x 3′ package. For other space-saving ideas, check out a list of 7 Foldable Designs and 17 Transforming Furniture Pieces.