Bakebot: The Cookie Baking Robot

Technology is one word that we get to hear very frequently these days. In fact, at an even faster rate we get to see examples of this ever developing technology. Over the last few years, man is witnessing tasks slipping out of his hands and landing up with a robot. In every walk of life we need a machine to help us out so when an MIT student came up with a robot that could bake cookies it was not so much of a surprise.

Bakebot is a new robot baby to appear on the face of this world as part of a project at MIT. The project was headed by graduate student Mario Bollini and amazingly displays a robot’s skills in baking a gigantic yummy looking Afghan cookie.

Robots have been around for quite some time now and the just the idea of a robot hardly makes any news now. Gone are the days when one small robot created in any part of the world created a buzz. In the present times it is what the robot can do that matters. This whole development of the robot is like experiencing the growth of a child. You monitor every new skill that a robot delivers. The difference over here is that the ‘baby’ is not one single identity but a joint venture that people across the world are enthusiastically involved in.

This cookie baking robot is another development in the robot generation. Watching the robot bake a cookie one does realize how slow it is but to achieve this little bit of success is a matter of months of hard work. The simple two steps of opening and closing the oven itself involved great amounts of trials. There were a whole lot of coding planning sessions to come to a conclusion. With continuous runs and reruns finally the robot was ready to deliver its tasks.

Slowly and steadily the Bakebot is seen mixing one ingredient after the other. Carefully it picks up bowl after bowl and tips over its contents into a mixing bowl, mixing each one before adding the next one. There is perfect coordination in distance and placement resulting in a rather mess-free cooking procedure. The pouring of the batter into the baking tin is a little too abrupt but commendable for a robot at this stage of experimentation. Very skillfully it moves over to the oven, opens the door and slides the tin in. Bakebot closes the door of the oven to allow the cookie to bake. Whether it sets the temperature and oven timing is not known but in 20 minutes time the oven does produce a well baked delicious cookie. Don’t mind the shape, for it is the taste that matters.

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