Turn your cat into the best DJ

With Cat Scratch Turntable, your cat can suddenly follow after his dreams and become the most sought-after DJ this year. You want to know how? This is the story for you.


Many people think that cats and kittens scratch anything they find in order to sharpen their claws and stretch their muscles, but after carefully discussing things with Mr. Whiskers, we’ve found out the true reason: they just don’t understand their cats’ passion for music and their dreams of sharing the stage with Snoop Catt and hunt Deadmau5.


If after reading the last paragraph you are wondering what it is that your cat really wants in life (is it just happy with its city life, chasing insects and biting computer cables, or would it rather spend its days celebrating and going from party to party getting other cats and kittens to dance to the sickest beats?), but don’t even bother asking, for we have the answer right here. The Cat Scratch Turntable, is a very original toy for cats that retails for just over $20 USD (it’s currently on sale!), and is a great alternative to scratching poles as it will keep your pet entertained while it waits for a discographic company to listen to its demo. Who knows, your kitty might head huge European festivals by this time next year!


Besides being shaped like a record player and having a special disc to scratch, most parts are mobile (the cat would notice otherwise, and would complain and ask for higher end sets!), so it’s a world-class toy that will even entertain humans. The design is simply fantastic, decorated with stickers and drawings that would make any human DJ green with envy, but as if all of this wasn’t enough, the whole thing is also made out of highly resistant cardboard which is really simple to put together, so humans only need to mount the parts following the instructions.


Be warned, though, we have noticed that after buying this, most users have reported a crowd of cats started showing up around the neighborhood. Music fans and paparazzi kittens of the cat music scene will start gathering in your backyard to listen to the newest DJ in the area, so we recommend using a spare room so the top feline DJ can rest and make its music without any interruptions. Rock on, kitten.

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