Mama Mia! Super Mario Inspired Cat Tree

A perfect way of geeking up your house, especially for Super Mario fans, while making life better for your cat or cats, is this Super Mario Bros. Cat Tree.

Super Mario Bros. Cat Tree  2

The cat tree stands 7’6 feet tall, with the base functioning as storage for litter boxes or toys. The tubes are full functional, which means that instead of a predatory plant, you’ll have a funny little cat popping out during surprising moments, making funny faces.

It takes up a lot of space due to its size, but it’s well worth it knowing you feel like you have a level of the game inside your house, for your cat to play the part of the plumber, only without turtles and mushrooms to jump on. I can’t guarantee they won’t start tearing up the blocks and question marks looking for stars and other magical things.

Now this isn’t a cheap one: It costs $1500 but for those always walking around with some extra cash in your wallet and a serious need to put hollow cubes and tubes in your house for your cat to play with, it might be the perfect addition to the living room, and don’t be surprises if your cat loves it so much it never ever wants to leave.

Super Mario Bros. Cat Tree

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