Cat Tunnel Sofa for Feline People

Cats are undeniably the best companies that a human could ever get in his or her life and most cat lovers would agree to this one.

If you are a cat lover too and wanted to purchase something that would keep your kitty entertained, you might want to purchase the Cat Tunnel Sofa. The sofa is bordered by a tunnel with gaps in between which helps the cat to explore, hide and just run around while you lie on the couch.

The idea is to allow your cat to play by itself while you take a nap and almost be sure that your cat is near you and not running into any trouble. It has been designed by Korean designer Seungji Munhas and is really impressive. It looks pretty chic and can be a great gift to people who love cats. The tunnel also functions as a back support and will help you to rest your arms as well.

If you play loud music and your cat does not approve of it, it can go ahead and hide in the tunnel as well. In fact, the possibilities are endless. You could also take a look at CAT-AT, which is a cat house that is inspired by AT-AT. If you would like to project your geekiness on your cat, you could take a look at the TARDIS Cat House as well.