Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Cane Emits Green Light

If you were wondering what the sonic was all about, it was a weapon used by the Eleventh Doctor to scan Teselecta and contact Amy and Rory while they incubated inside.

The Sonic Cane emitted a green light and came with four claws that opened in order to reveal the light. Ironically, the sonic screwdriver featured in Eleventh Doctor featured the same characteristic as well.

Jud Hudson at DoctorWho has come up with a handcrafted Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Cane, which looks almost perfect. It is based on the one from Let’s Kill Hitler and the weapon looks quite formidable. He admits that it is not his best but that he tried pretty much. We feel it is a great result nonetheless and can even fetch a decent sum if he tried to sell it in a toy store.

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