Ham Dogger Is What You Need to Block Your Arteries

One of man’s greatest inventions is the hamburger and probably the hot dog as well.

The ground beef that gets shaped into either a hamburger patty or into a hot dog is always the stuff that gets everyone’s mouths watering. If you didn’t want to go ahead and buy two different kinds of buns for the same kind of meat filling, you could buy this cool Kitchen Art Ham Dogger.

What it does is it takes your hamburger meat and molds it into the shape of a hot dog so that you can place it in between hot dog buns. There is really no point in doing so, but if you were feeling absurd and just wanted to throw away all the hamburger buns, you could purchase this device for $6.29. It looks pretty neat and you could boast to your friends that you have a cool gadget that converts hamburgers into hot dogs. Well, not really.

You could also go ahead and take a look at these Hamburger Shaped Designs that we had featured many days ago. The Hamburger Jigsaw Puzzle is a brain teaser that forces you to think before you can satiate your pangs of hunger. It is interesting how all that we want is a piece of meat at the end of the day, no matter how we claim otherwise.