Tiertime to Unveil UP Mini 2 3D Printer at CES 2016

Beijing-based Tiertime may not be most famous 3D printer manufacturer out there, but in China it is the leading innovator in this industry. At CES 2016, the company will launch its latest desktop 3D printer, the UP Mini 2.

Tiertime has made a goal out of creating affordable 3D printers, so that those devices are no longer destined exclusively to wealthy gadget enthusiasts. Its desktop products are neatly organized in three categories, depending on their application, but it should be mentioned that Tiertime also manufactures industrial 3D printers known as Inspire A, Inspire D and Inspire S series. The desktop ones are Home 3D printers, along with models meant for Education, and lastly, for Work. All of them are actually called UP, with various denominations added to that for an intuitive differentiation. The UP mini, for example, whose second generation will be unveiled at CES 2016 next week, makes an excellent first 3D printer for home users.

“As a world leading 3D printer manufacturer, Tiertime’s greatest motivation is to meet the increasing demand for consumer 3D printers on the global market. We believe that UP mini 2 will become the best entry level 3D printing gadget for students at schools, kids at home and 3D printing fans everywhere,” says Tiertime’s CEO, Mr. Allen Guo.

Tiertime has picked quite a target audience for the UP mini 2. Students, kids, and people who are taking their first steps into 3D printing are the ideal consumers for a device that focuses on usability, portability and connectivity. In fact, these three are the exact areas to see new improvements over the previous generations. All the upgrades and changes are meanto turn 3D printing into an even more consumer-friendly experience.

Just to give you an idea about how easy to use this company’s 3D printers really are, in 2013 MAKE magazine gave Tiertime’s UP Plus 3D printer the Best in Class: Just Hit Print for such innovatory features as auto-leveling and auto height detection. At that time, the UP Plus was going against 23 other desktop 3D printers, so that says a lot about Tiertime’s desire to revolutionize the industry.

The following video showcases the 1st-gen UP mini, but in terms of design, there shouldn’t be that many differences between it and the new one.


As for the price, the UP mini 2 shouldn’t cost more than the first generation, which is currently sold by various retailer at around $600. Sure, there are cheaper 3D printers out there, but I highly doubt that those are capable of producing even close to similar results. It remains to be seen what precise features and improvements UP mini 2 will bring, and whether it will provide as much bang for your back as its predecessor.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas between January 6 and 9, you can go to CES 2016 and pay Tiertime a visit at booth #72910 in the 3D Printing Marketplace, Sands Expo Hall.

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