Smile at the Time With the Cheshire Cat Pocket Watch

“Haste makes waste, so I rarely hurry …” and with this handy pocket watch you’ll never have to hurry since you’ll always know the time.

Cheshire Cat Pocketwatch“Alice in Wonderland” is perhaps one of the most well-known and loved childhood books and movies of all time, so it should come as no surprise that artisans have been drawn to its charm. Perhaps one of the most notable and interesting characters is the Cheshire Cat. His disappearing acts as well as acting as a type of dangerous yet humorous guide to Alice is all somehow captured in this elegant timepiece. Designed by Cory Farris, the outer watch combines an ornate simplicity. The outer design captures the feeling of an old-school pocket watch while the font of Cheshire is more modern. Inside, the time piece is a light up digital display that features a twist on a traditional watch face.

Cheshire Cat Pocketwatch Time

At first glance, telling the time might be a little difficult, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear to understand. How much of the cat you see tells you the minutes in five minute intervals. The face is five, the head is 10 and each stripe on the cat adds another 5 minutes. The little dots on the top of the screen represent individual minutes and the lines represent the hour. Rather than using a standard watch battery, this one can be charged via a USB port.

Cheshire Cat Pocketwatch Front Back

While this watch is still only a model, it would be interesting to see if it makes it to production. For lovers of “Alice in Wonderland” this would make a great addition to any wardrobe. The mixture of modern and retro makes this unique enough for those that may not be huge fans of the book or movies. It’s elegant, sleek and even a bit convoluted. Just like the Cheshire Cat himself.

Cheshire Cat Pocketwatch Purple

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Via: Tokyo Flash