Alice’s Caterpillar Goes Steampunk

In the classic children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice told the hookah-smoking caterpillar that he’ll one day transform into a butterfly, but she never told him he’d go through a steampunk phase first. Introducing: Ignatious Longbottom by the artist Doktor A.

ignatious longbottom

Outlandish and innovative, Ignatious Longbottom seen at RiverArt will certainly quench your boredom. Doktor A certainly drove the Turkish vibe from the hookah a bit further with its thick mustache and the fez – no, not the foreign kid from That 70s Show – on its head.

steampunk alice in wonderland caterpillar design

With its bowtie and fancy red suit jacket, Ignatious Longbottom is certainly dressed to impress! Who said steampunk can’t be prim and proper? It’s not just the suit that makes it a handsome devil; it’s got charming etchings all over its body. And that chain dangling from the breast pocket, obviously attached to an expensive pocket watch? Come on, Longbottom, you don’t have to be modest. Show off your bling! It’s not like we can’t see that classy Persian rug you’re laying on.

steampunk caterpillar alice in wonderland

I just have a few questions, though. What’s with the key at the end of its body? Will it start slithering around if I wind it? And what about that crazy gas mask it’s got on? It makes it seem like it’s from some dreary dystopian future where clean air is so rare that it’s sold on the black market.

Doktor A made some pretty cool modifications to the traditional hookah style. It’s more rugged and practical rather than being adorned with flowing and elegant designs. Also, it’s not really clear what exactly Ignatious Longbottom is smoking, but it’s definitely not flavored tobacco! Maybe those small, nearly empty bottles beside the hookah and the fact that the pipe is fastened securely to its mouth are clues … Fiendish much? Actually, that probably explains the whole gas mask thing.

steampunk caterpillar alice in wonderland design

The key’s still a mystery, though.

Steampunk is a pretty cool trend, so if you want to see more of what’s out there then why don’t you check out the Steampunk USB Flashdrive. And how about Doktor A’s rad ideas? Check out his steampunk take on the Thing from the Addams Family!

steampunk alice in wonderland caterpillar design