Playing Chinese Zither With Two iPads

If it’s one thing geeks love, it’s music, whether it’s on iTunes, Pandora or Spotify, or even better, making your own. One guy, however, has decided to imitate the Chinese zither, or Gu-Zheng, on two iPads.

The Gu-Zheng is a traditional Chinese wooden instrument with 21 strings plucked by the fingers, a bit like an acoustic guitar. One user from China, using the name cn2046, has uploaded a video of him imitating the sound of the instrument with two iPads, playing along with some techno music.

The app for the Gu-Zheng is available on the app store, and it works with the iPhone and iPod touch as well, so you can replicate his feat on smaller iOS devices as well. It’s amazing that he was creative enough to pull this off.

Special thanks to M.I.C. Gadget for picking up on this story. If you’re interested in more music-based posts, check out our look at a magnetic cello or an H.R. Giger-inspired guitar.