Chrome Beta Arrives for Android

Android fans say they love the choice of apps available, including browsers. Now Google’s added yet another choice: Chrome Beta for Android.

Google aims to make the version of Chrome for their own Android platform just as slick and easy to use as the desktop version. They’ve created a neat video to explain how it works:

Like its desktop counterpart, Chrome is built for speed. When you’re searching on your phone in the omnibox, Chrome will load the results in the background, so you can zip to them immediately.

Google Chrome Beta for Android

They’ve also reimagined how tabs work on Android. Tabbed browsing is one of those features that you never knew you needed until you actually tried it. (That was the case for me when I first experienced it with the original Mozilla suite circa 2003.) Google tries to make it seamless. Just pop open the browser on your Android and the tabs open on your computer will be waiting for you on your phone. To switch between them, just swipe your finger.

You’ll also have access to your bookmarks when you open up Chrome. Everyone knows it’s annoying to type on your phone so Chrome will suggest URLs from the sites you visit most frequently. But for some people that may occasionally be more of a bug more than a feature, if you don’t always use Incognito Mode! The Android version also has that, by the way.

Google Chrome for Android Beta

Google Chrome for Android Beta is currently available in the Android Marketplace for Android version 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets. It’s beta, so don’t depend on it for super-duper important stuff like writing Walyou articles. But then again, not many people are going to attempt to write substantial blog posts on their phones anyway.

With the smartphone market growing, both in sales of Android Phones and iPhones, and “regular” phones continuing to adopt smartphone features, it makes sense for Google to want to improve the mobile browsing experience. It should be a good alternative to Firefox and Opera, which are also available for Android.

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