Schreer Delights iPhone Cases Are Pure Retro Apple

Go back in time with your iPhone 4 or 4s with Schreer Delights’ sweet-looking retro Apple cases. Check them out before Apple takes them down forever!

Schreer Delights Retro Apple Cases Image 1

Apple has been around since the mid-1970s, when a young forward-thinking entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, and a young brilliant engineer, Steve “The Woz” Wozniak, decided to get into personal computer business together – obviously we all know how that story continues. And over that thirty year career, the trend-setting company, which is now one of the world’s famous brands, has gone through many phases in regards to the way their products looked at one point in time.

Think about the iMac (which originally started with the Macintosh) for a second. It went from plastic molding when introduced back in January 24, 1984, to clear translucent rainbow colors when Steve Jobs regained helm of Apple in late 1990s, and finally today, polished straight-edge aluminum. What a trip down memory lane, huh? Well that same way-back trip can easily be at the reach of your hands with one of these awesome iPhone cases.

Schreer Delights Retro Apple Cases Image 2

Yes, come one, come all – feast your eyes on Schreer Delights’ lineup of iPhone 4 and 4S cases which ascetically turn your Apple device into an early Macintosh computer, a first generation iMac (the colors Duke, the colors!), or even an original white-as-snow iPod. I’m rather impressed with  Schreer Delights honestly, they did a fine job creating miniature imaginings of the iconic hardware they’re based upon, and at the price of $45 each, they scream insta-buy for any Apple fanboy.

Schreer Delights Retro Apple Cases Image 3

Although don’t wait too long to get one of Schreer Delights’ retro Apple iPhone cases, because knowing how Apple likes to hand out cease-and-desist letters like a dentist handing out toothbrushes with every visit, they’ll be instantly removed off the face of the Internet. But you know what won’t be coming off the Internet, or at least I hope so, are these cute Skyrim costumes for dogs that one passionate gamer created for her two own pouches.

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