Microsoft Tags Chrome as Malware

It is a well known fact by now that Google and Microsoft don’t really get along with each other. Of course, Apple doesn’t get along with either of them and skirmishes are common.

The latest tries to masquerade as inadvertence. Microsoft ‘falsely’ labelled Google Chrome as malware and within minutes of doing so, some 3,000 computers detected Chrome as a malware and deleted it. Microsoft Security Essentials tool identified Google Chrome as a malware program, and removed it from several computers, and was recognized as a “PWS:Win32/Zbot” or a Trojan horse that steals passwords and gains access to people’s computers.

Microsoft immediately apologized to its ‘customers’ who may have suffered inconvenience. The crux of the matter is that more inconvenience was caused to Google than Microsoft’s customers who use Chrome as their primary web browser. Google immediately made sure that a new updated beta and stable versions of Chrome was released. The companies did not accuse each other, and that has got a lot to do with PR. Moreover, Google which is known for filing lawsuits against anything that causes them harm seemed not to.

Perhaps, it really was an inadvertent error, but what most people do not understand is why Microsoft did not apologize to Google but to its own customers. That has got a lot to do with the company’s big ego, and also bringing Google’s name in Bing results unnecessarily perhaps. Of course, that was just a joke. Nevertheless, I see a completely different angle to the whole saga of Microsoft falsely recognizing Google Chrome as a spybot. Google does behave like a spy, and does collect your information which you may or may not realize.

Of course, this has got nothing to do with Microsoft terming Google’s browser a Trojan, but it is just that it seems funny and ironical that Chrome got termed as a ‘Trojan’, at least accidentally. Of course, it is not a spybot in any manner, but Chrome is known to collect web browsing information, location information and many other private information which a user may not be willing to share with Google or anybody else. For those of you who are already fuming with my allegory that is meant to be a parody, you could take a chill pill and get the 3 Must-Have Chrome Gaming Apps.