3 Must-Have Chrome Gaming Apps

Google Chrome has been around for three years now, but the cool-factor of this speedy web browser has yet to fade. A feature we love is the Chrome Web Store, where one can download fun and useful apps for Chrome.

With thousands of browser-enabled apps already on the market, we were able to narrow it down to three must-have Google Chrome gaming apps for any modern Internet user and game lover.

Atari Centipede


A classic game, beloved by all early-adapter nerdy gamers, Atari has made Centipede (originally release in 1980) available on Chrome for all to enjoy (since now it’s ‘cool’ to be so retro). There are also plenty of Atari games, but this author’s personal favorite is by far Atari Centipede. Destroy the Centipede to move on to the next level. This game was meant to be played with a trackball, but just use your arrow keys and space bar to conquer the game.

Plants vs Zombies

In case you haven’t noticed, we love Plants vs Zombies here at Walyou. Stop the zombies from invading your home by using anti-zombie plants. Just try not to spend too many of the hours on this app at work.

Angry Birds


The Angry Birds app for Chrome only has the first episode of the original game, but it’s free and keeps you from beating up your annoying coworkers on a daily basis. Angry Birds is a personal favorite as well, but so it is for millions around the world, regardless of platform.

Do you have a favorite gaming app on Chrome? Let us know in the comment section below!