Holiday Attraction – Set Of Four Holiday Cards From Attract Mode

Don’t be a Grinch, send one of these cute videogame inspired holiday cards as warm loving reminders to family and friends this special time of year.

Winter Market Holiday Card set

Holiday cards aren’t just snow covered meadows and rosy portraits of jolly St. Nick by the fireplace these days. Thanks to merry ole’ capitalism you’ve got a large spread of cards to perfectly capture your festive, yuletide greeting to loved ones and friends.

Now, of course, you can go the Hallmark card route – maybe for that one Aunt in your family that always knits you that itchy sweater (yuck) – or for your bestest of buds, maybe you should opt for this crop of holiday cards with a visual spunk to your own geeky liking.

Damnit, Snorunt by Kris Mukai

Damnit, Snorunt by Kris Mukai image

Santa Samus by Babs Tarr

Santa Samus by Babs Tarr image

In the spirit of season, Attract Mode is offering a $20 set of four greeting cards with art done by four awesome underground artists, which lovingly depict gaming favorites like Okami, Metroid, Gravity Rush, and Pokémon getting down with the holiday spirit.

All four of these marvelous prints were featured and purchasable at the December 7th Bit Bazaar: Winter Market, an indie videogame focused art show in in Toronto, Canada. And while I’m sure you would have loved to go, I understand if you couldn’t make it on such short notice.

Gravity Rush by Kyle Fewell

Gravity Rush by Kyle Fewell image

Amaterasu by Kelly Smith

Amaterasu by Kelly Smith image

Just make it up to Attract Mode by picking up a set of these great looking holiday cards. Buying them helps out the Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace, which is a not-for-profit group that supports young independent Toronto artists. A heck of a worthy cause.

For more holiday geeky bliss that is sure to make you smile, like Dalek inspired Christmas trees, or some laughably bad album art for Christmas tunes, keep your chestnuts roasting on an open fire right here on Walyou.