Play Chutes and Ladders in Your Own Home…Sort Of

Looking for a new way to get from one floor of your duplex penthouse apartment to the other, why not include a slide? How fun would that be!

Everyone wishes they had the money to afford a beautiful penthouse apartment in New York City. But what if you had the money to afford two of them?! If you have two penthouse apartments, one on top of the other, the next question is how to connect them. Sure, you could go with just a set of stairs to create the ultimate in New York City penthouse duplex apartments, but that seems so…bland. And obviously, you have the money, so why not install a slide? Yes, a slide.

When a client requested Turett Collaborative Architects find an unusual, creative way to connect one floor to the next for their East Village home, the architects created something that was stylish and extremely unique. An elevator, escalator, or oddly shaped staircase was not going to cut it in this scenario, but a slide will! Weeeeeeeeeee!

And don’t worry, if you stop by to visit and are wary of taking the slide down to the first floor, you can descend the “normal” way by taking the stairs.

If this doesn’t thrill you, I am sure the world’s most terrifying staircase will, or if you want something a bit more safer (and not worry about the ultimate in slide-related wedgies), check out a Star Wars themed escalator. Going up anyone?