World’s Most Terrifying Staircase

Those who suffer from fear of heights may not read further, unless they like having panic attacks.

This morbidly terrifying and real staircase has been designed by architects Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann and has no hand rail or safety enclosure. The stairs are built from metal and aluminum and using them could be the surest way to reach the heaven’s gates.

The staircase is found in an unnamed Swiss town and if you happen to visit Switzerland, you could ask for the most terrifying staircase and people probably would tell you where it is located.

Of course, the staircase may have been built for the wow-effect and may not necessarily ever be used by anyone. Even professional wall climbers may not want to take the risk of using this staircase instead of the safety that ropes often offer to them.

It reminds me of those architectural jokes that are built into buildings where staircases are built to lead you to a wall, with no door in sight. It is an interesting way to attract attention to the building and also to the businesses that operate in such a building. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Donkey Kong Staircase, which we had featured many months ago.