Unbelievable Super Mario Bros 3D Mural

This is by far one of the best Super Mario Bros artworks that I’ve seen! For a minute, you feel like you’ve projected yourself into Mario’d world.

I first spotted this amazing mural on it8bit.  It took about a month to complete the piece of awesome Super Mario fan art, and boy was it worth it!

This 10 square meters mural was made by Alfonso Mellone for a video game store.  It’s truly out of this world!

So, how did they do it? The most important step is to plan. Here you can see the original picture that was the inspiration for this geeky mural, from which they sketched the design onto the wall.

Then they added some color (via paint) to the geek mural, starting with applying light blue as the overall background, adding the clouds, and of course the game’s stats to the “screen.”

After finishing the light colors, it was time to put some real, bold color. What a better way to start than with Mario himself.

Finally, they added the 3D element this Super Mario mural. Using some 3D brown blocks and yellow question mark blocks, this mural was transformed from just a flat wall painting to an incredible 3D work of art.

After installing all of the 3D features, the mural is complete!

Here you can see some more pictures of the final Super Mario Bros mural.  Absolutely amazing!

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