Updated Cinexplayer App For iPad Brings 3D

3D browsers and televisions are fast becoming the new big thing and the ability to watch 3D technology almost everywhere is making the tech even more popular.  Now Cinexplayer is bringing 3D to the iPad for the first time.

While there has been a ton of advancement in 3D technology over the last few years, the advancement has been in pretty predictable areas.  There is of course the advanced reality technology that several big tech companies are racing against each other for in order to achieve perfection.  Pioneer has the leg up right now with their “Floating Vision” enhancements.  Google has tried to corner the market in 3D browsers with their newest technology, but the iPad is still a market that appears to be relatively untapped.  That is, it is untapped unless the updated Cinexplayer can change that.

The update to the Cinexplayer was big enough news because it made the ability to watch movies in certain formats easier than ever, but the real news is that the update has brought the ability to watch 3D videos either by using both red and blue glasses (the old traditional way) or without glasses should you apply the GRilli3D’s overlay film.  While many people know how the glasses work, by allowing each eye to see different colors of the spectrum at different times, making it seem as though the image is rising out of the screen, the overlay film is actually placed on the iPad screen itself.  The film then places what are called “barrier lines” that block different parts of the image at different times, against giving the image a rising look to the naked eye.

The updated Cinexplayer is the first video player app on the iPad that offers the right kind of video to allow the overlay film to actually work correctly.  The best part of this particular app is that it also includes the ability to convert any 2D videos that you might have in the player’s library to the 3D version, meaning that you don’t need to record or buy all new videos.  Still, there will be some cost involved as the 3D overlay film generally runs in the $30 range, and there is a $2 upgrade in order to use the converter.  For those who are hungry for 3D films on the near HD screen of the iPad, it may be worth the price.