Pioneer Bringing 3D Floating Vision Tech

In the 21st century there are few technologies that are more sought after than that which first made its appearance decades ago.  For whatever reason 3D is the “it” tech these days and all sorts of companies are going out of their ways to supply what the masses want.

Of course some companies are just trying to bring the consumers what they want without going overboard.  Going overboard would certainly count when you are talking about something like $85,000, 85 inch 3D Plasma television that Bang and Olufson put out a while back.  Sometimes companies just bring products like the one that Google put out their 3D browser to show off what they can do.

Pioneer’s 3D display, however might be the best showing yet that 3D technology is starting to take real steps forward being the kind of technology that is not only not that hard to produce but also extremely affordable. The tech, what they are calling 3D Floating Vision, is geared to look even more like the objects that viewers are looking like real things as opposed just a trick of the eye.

With the Floating vision technology, along with infrared cameras all around a certain area, the technology can look as though you have actually changed it with your touch.  Basically this means that the kind of Holodeck technology that was all the rage back in “Star Trek, the Next Generation” appears to be at our doorsteps.

In their demonstration, Pioneer showed how this kid of tech could come in handy with a car’s GPS navigation system thanks to a bunch of popup displays that can be placed wherever the drivers want it the most.  Still, while this may be the top idea for Pioneer, it is clear there are many more uses for the technology and to that end it is willing to offer the tech up to other companies to build on their design and find other uses for it.  The pioneering technology, called FV-01 can be connected to a computer via the average USB drive and the company is actively looking to market the tech to other companies so they can come up with new uses for the interface.