Relativity Watch Confuses You

If you were looking for a watch that would rather leave you confused, you should go ahead and get the Relativity Watch.

The Relativity Watch is available at ThinkGeek for a price of $34.99 and is one of the best gifts that you could give to someone who is used to digital watches and clocks. The Relativity Watch does not have regular numbers that tell you what the time is, but instead has weird mathematical symbols and numbers that rotate like a galaxy. In just under 30 seconds, 3 becomes a 9 and 11 becomes a 5.

In fact, you could never tell time looking at this watch and it sure will leave anybody confused about what time it possibly could be. It is a great way to pull someone’s legs who cannot tell time using analog watches and clocks. It comes with a Japan quartz movement and the black band makes the Relativity Watch pretty cool as a fashion accessory as well.

For those people who may want to time travel, this watch could prove to be useful as everything is imaginary and this watch too plays with your mind. However, if you used a little mind that you have got, you may still be able to tell time accurately as the hands are accurate and do tell the time at any given moment. Only the face of the watch is weird, and would leave you confused if you started to look for numbers.

It is a great way to keep oneself occupied for a couple of hours when there is nothing left to do and it is too cold to go outside. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, you might as well get this packed and give it to someone you like. You could also take a look at other weird watch designs such as the Watch without a Face, the Solar Powered Watch and the TRON Watch. Any of these watches would make for a great Christmas gift.