MIT Hacks Revisited on Hacked Mugs

What would be the best way to treasure ones days’ spent on campus? A memento does help in a great way but another novel idea has been brought up by the students of MIT. It is the Hacked Mugs!

What exactly are these Hacked Mugs? If you look at the two words in isolation they are two different worlds. Hack mean to cut and chop something while a mug is an object for holding liquid. However, according to MIT students, ‘hacked’ refers to an adjective which means pranks ‘by MIT students to celebrate or draw attention to an event.’ Students here are referred to as hackers.

Mugs with messages are available in plenty and they serve as wonderful gifts as well. Many a times we too gift our loved ones mugs bearing messages, be it readymade or customized. This very idea was taken up by the students of MIT and they came up with unique designs for hacked mugs.

This whole range of mugs is heat sensitive. The moment you pour hot liquid into them the mugs are ‘turned on’ and the hidden graphics are revealed. The graphics are no ordinary graphics but are a culmination of the many ‘hacks’ that have been known on campus for years. These problem solvers from MIT have a number of events to look back upon and relive those moments. These are moments like getting a police car to the top of the Great Dome, turning the dome into R2D2, transporting a Caltech’s Fleming Canon from California to Boston and many more such occasions.

The presentation of the mugs arouses curiosity among all. Everyone familiar with the MIT hacks would be eager to know which one is displayed on each mug. Initially there is only an icon or a building presented. Once filled with a hot drink the larger picture is revealed with the focus being on the hack. It is a like a surprise packed in each mug. The surprise factor is even stronger for those not familiar with the hack.

Coming from the MIT product design team named Team Wallaby these mugs bear very bold designs with not much detailing. Designing prints for these cylindrical objects does have its limitations and if it is supposed to be something of this heat sensitive kind the challenges multiply. But overcoming all challenges the team has succeeded in coming up with an amazing range of mugs. Their great appeal can be gauged from the fact that seventy one percent of the surveyed audience was willing to buy these mugs.

This is definitely a ‘hot ‘ design! If you are impressed with this, go through few more designs such as Rubik’s Cube Mug and Automatic Stirring Mug.