Cloudy With a Chance of Choice: 3 Alternatives to Dropbox

Dropbox has been the go-to option for cloud storage and syncing. What if you need more storage, robust editing options, better iOS support and a backup solution? Here’s 3 great Dropbox alternatives that offer all that and more.


Sugar Sync is Dropbox meets mobile backup and sync. All cloud based services share some basic features such as file syncing and mobile support. Sugar Sync goes above and beyond with file versioning, collaboration and awesome mobile productivity for those who love working on the go.

SugarSync’s many mobile App tie into the service beautifully as folders can be synced from your computer to other devices and back again. If you love mobile productivity, I’m sure syncing your entire documents folder with your iPad or Android device isn’t anything short of awesome.

Aside from great cloud based features and mobile support, SugarSync makes security a number one priority. 128 Bit AES encryption is used to protect your data in the cloud and SSL is deployed when using your web browser.

While Dropbox offers free and paid options, SugarSync has no free plans outside of a 30-day trial. Pricing options are very reasonable and competitive with other cloud based competitors. SugarSync offers 30, 60, 100 and 250 GB options for $4.99, $9.99, $14.99 and $24.99 a month respectively. Yearly subscriptions are available for each plan and is the cost of 10 months. If you’re especially data hungry, you can buy a $39.99 a month 500 GB plan which is perfect for small business looking to backup their office, important files and media to the Cloud. is billed as the cloud solution for businesses that packs plenty of collaboration support and extensive support with third-party Apps. incorporates a project management system into its online interface making it great for projects that require access to many files and more than one person working on it. Group collaboration is supercharged with the ability to create wiki-style documents and file embedding which works well with your company’s internal web interface.

Where beats the competition is third-party support. Other cloud services focus on mobile and desktop App support while worked hard on a great web interface and integration with Google Mail, Analytics, Zoho, FedEx, Twitter, eFax, DocuSign and Watchdox. What does this mean for businesses big and small? A giant leap from paper ridden offices to a true cloud solution.

Like Dropbox, gives users an option of a free 5 GB plan which can be cranked up to 50 GB for $20. Businesses and Enterprises users get the option of a $14.99 a month 500 GB plan with all of the aforementioned features or unlimited storage with specialized pricing.


Mozy bills itself as a cloud based backup solution that protects your data safely in the cloud.

Whether you’re backing up a small amount of documents and other media or the past 5 years of your digital life which encompasses Gigabytes of photos and videos, Mozy has you covered. While Mozy doesn’t offer online collaboration or robust mobile support, it excels where no other cloud service comes close: automated and secure backups.

Mozy’s personal plans — 50 GB at $5.99 a month and 125 GB at $9.99 a month — is competitive with most backup solutions both online and off. Multiple computer support is included in the 125 GB package and is a great first step for those who aren’t backup savvy. Mozy also offer Enterprise support with its Pro Plan. Pricing is adjusted for each business and varies by plan.

While it would be cheaper to buy an external USB Drive with significantly more storage, it can’t compete with having a secure offsite backup that can be accessed anywhere. If you’re worried about drive failure damaging your data, don’t fret – Mozy’s desktop App backs up your data to a local drive and online giving you three copies of vital files. In the event of a major drive failure or other data disaster Mozy can restore files back to their proper location from the cloud.

SugarSync, and Mozy compete with Dropbox and excel where it lacks: backup, collaboration and mobile sync. Pricing plans for all three services are affordable when compared to other cloud solutions. Customer support and App support make each of these cloud options well worth considering.