Super Mario’s Bullet Bill Goes Vertical: DIY Rocket

Nintendo’s Mario games feature a variety of memorable characters, and even the supporting cast of good and bad guys has its way of being endearing. Shy Guys, Goombas, and Lakitu are all popular despite being little more than minor enemies. Bullet Bill is another prevalent, if minor, character who really deserves more credit than he gets. He may not be as cute as some of the others, as he often sports a determined gaze, angry mouth, and/or clenched fists. He can also be more annoying than many of the other baddies, often shooting into view from either side of the screen in his attempt at hitting Mario. Instructables user seamster created his own version of Bullet Bill, turning him into a model rocket designed for shooting vertically rather than on one of the character’s normal horizontal paths.

Bullet Bill Rocket

Bullet Bill Model Rocket

Bullet Bill Model Rocket 2

With three engines, Bill certainly has the power, and the design is spot-on. Featuring the narrowed eyes and balled-up fists, he looks just as set on taking down the heroic plumber in this rocket form as he does in bullet form. You can see that when separated from the rocket bottom, however, the Bullet Bill model seems to have the same proportions as the video game version. Attaching him to a rocket is probably a bit easier than finding a gun that will fit him, though. The designer posted instructions on how to create your own, and in my opinion it doesn’t look like something for beginners.

If you’re experienced with creating your own model rockets, this might look a bit more accessible and familiar. Pictures are all well and good, but you can’t showcase a model rocket without video of its glorious flight, so seamster was kind enough to provide one showing Bill in action. For more pop culture firepower, check out the Iron Man Rocket Blast Toy and, one of my favorites, the Crayola Crayon Rockets.

Via: CrunchGear